Tenth Discmas

Disc Golf nieuws

- by Hylke de Vries -

Traditionally on the the first day of  Xmas a nice bunch of people played an interesting round of Discmas in the Amsterdam Sloterpark. It wouldn't have been a bad idea to copy paste last year's report, since it was as much fun as the previous editions and it had some standard ingredients, like Reggi bringing the oliebollen, Eric keeping the score, some discs in the water and lots of happy faces.

Still, this tenth Discmas was a very extraordinairy Discmas. We had 15 (!) people playing 10 holes of Disc Golf, there was Jägermeister AND Bacardi, there were lots of home-made cookies, we had guests from the USA, we had a professional photographer ( well done, Les ), the course was extremely soaked and we had Camilla performing an aerial towards the end. Thanks to all of you Crunchies, NUTterS, Red Lights, MUGgen and other once-a-year DG lovers for participating. I hope to see even more of you next year, but beware : with these numbers we might introduce qualification matches.   ;)