Joint press release WFDF, EUF and FIFD

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The World Flying Disc Federation has completed its report by the Conduct Committee of allegations of theft by a number of members of the Italian delegation to the 2012 World Juniors Ultimate championships in Dublin this last August. This follows the completion of a review by the Federazione Italiana Flying Disc and by the European Ultimate Federation earlier in the fall. A significant amount of merchandise was stolen from the official vendor, Five Ultimate, although it was subsequently returned when the Italian team manager learned of the scheme. With coordination among all three involved governing bodies, the following sanctions are announced.


The FIFD board has decided upon the following course of action :

- The Under-17 players will be suspended from all national teams in 2013. They will also be suspended from Italian national club championships and subsequent events (EUCF) in 2012 and 2013.

- The Under-20 players will be suspended from all national teams in 2013 and 2014. They will also be suspended from Italian national club championships and subsequent events (EUCF) in 2012 and 2013.

- Parents of all involved players will receive a detailed letter, delivered by local club presidents. All of these players will have two compulsory meetings during spring in 2013 with a psychologist and educationist, contributions in the development of a new internal FIFD Conduct Code.

In addition to the sanctions imposed by FIFD, the Italian Under-17 players involved were subject to an immediate sanction by EUF at the event in Dublin, being the withdrawal of awarded medals immediately after the award ceremony.

In addition to sanctions imposed by FIFD and EUF, all involved players ( both Under-17 and Under-20 ) will be subject to the following sanctions by WFDF :

- Personal loss of any standing in the 2012 WJUC.

- Exclusion from participation in WFDF-sanctioned events through year 2013.

- Requirement of four hours of personal service at the first WFDF-sanctioned event in which they play in 2014, if any ( i.e. World Juniors Ultimate Championships or World Ultimate Club Championships ). Such a service would include tasks such as lining fields, delivering water and ice to fields, cleaning trash at the end of the day, or other tasks as assigned by the tournament organizing staff. FIFD has agreed to notify the TOC of the involved parties subject to this service requirement and ensure the cooperation of the involved players.

- Written apology from each of the involved players to Five Ultimate in a form acceptable to WFDF, EUF, and FIFD. Such an apology will be submitted after the two counseling sessions organized by FIFD for the involved players in the spring of 2013.

FIFD president Francesco Franceschetti stated : “This is a very unfortunate incident which the FIDF board felt required a strong but constructive response. We appreciate the level of cooperation and coordination we have received from the other disc governing bodies in developing a thoughtful program.”

EUF president Andrea Furlan said : “This was a type of Spirit of the Game violation off the field with which we were disappointed to have to address at an otherwise very successful event, and we hope that all players can learn from the mistakes made.”

WFDF president Robert Rauch commented : “This was a very serious offense and we appreciate the approach taken by Five Ultimate in working with WFDF, EUF, and FIFD to avoid criminal action by the local police. We laud FIFD and its staff in the way they handled this unfortunate and embarrassing situation and are hopeful that all players will recognize the potential serious consequences of thoughtless actions.”

The WFDF Conduct Committee was comprised of Robert Rauch, Patrick van der Valk ( Spirit of the Game Subcommittee Chair ), Ryan Purcell ( Chair of the Athletes Commission ) and Volker Bernardi WFDF Executive Director ).