WFDF 2012 Election Results

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The World Flying Disc Federation Nominating and Election Committee (NomComm) is pleased to announce the results of the 2012 elections. The following individuals have been elected for a two year term to serve, beginning 1st of January 2013 until 31st of December 2014, subject to confirmation of acceptance of position by all elected individuals.

On the WFDF Board of Directors :

Robert Rauch (US), president

Patrick van der Valk (Por), Beach Ultimate Committee chair

Ryan Scott (US), Guts Committee chair

Jack Cooksey (US) Overall Committee chair

Fumio Morooka (Jap), At-Large member

( Already on the Board of Directors were and are :

Thomas Griesbaum (Ger) secretary, until 31st of December 2013

Sandie Hammerly (US) treasurer, as well

Simon Hill (GB) Ultimate Committee chair, as well

Brian Gisel (Can) At-Large member, as well

Michael Hu (Tai) At-Large member, as well

Kate Bergeron (US) At-Large member, as well )

On the Ultimate Committee :

Will Deaver (USA), deputy chair

Brian Gisel (Can), Championships Subcommittee chair

Rueben Berg (Aus), Rules Subcommittee chair

31 WFDF members in good standing participated in the election, with a total of 89 votes. The election, which ran from 27th of November to 27th of December 2012, was tallied using the ‘Single Transferable Voting Mechanism’.

NomComm chair Sandie Hammerly stated : “I congratulate all elected candidates and thank you for your continued service to disc sports and our athletes and organizers. WFDF looks forward to continued progress with all office holders being re-elected and I appreciate the confidence shown by our WFDF member organizations that have chosen to re-elect these members of our Board of Directors and Ultimate Committee.”