2013 World Overall Championships to be held in Sweden

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The World Overall Championships (WOC) will be hosted in the city of Norrköping in Sweden. The 11 th edition of this WFDF-event will be held from July 22-27 in 2013 at the facilities of the Himmelstalund and the Folkparken venues. The successful bid came from the Swedish Frisbeesport Federation and the KFUM Norrköping Frisbee Club as Tournament Organizing Committee, headed by Peter Lundmark. The SFF has great experience in hosting international events successfully, having been a two times host to the World Ultimate and Guts Championships ( 1983 in Gothenburg and 1996 in Jönköping ). They also hosted the 2010 European Freestyle Championships.

"It has been more than a decade since the WOC were held in Europe, so this is an exciting development for our sport,” said WFDF Board Member Jack Cooksey, who chairs the Overall Committee. “The Swedish federation has a great track record of hosting high-quality, well-run disc sports championships. I’m certain that the community of Overall disc athletes will embrace this chance to compete in Sweden,” commented WFDF President Robert Rauch. “To stage a major championship at the highest level has been a long-term strategic goal for the Swedish Frisbeesport Federation,” stated Peter Lundmark, SFF Secretary General, on the decision by the WFDF Overall Committee and Board of Directors.

The last WOC were held in the city of Fort Collins, USA in 2011. Competitions this year will be held in seven flying disc events — Freestyle, Double Disc Court, Discathon, Accuracy, Disc Golf, Distance and Self-Caught Flights. World champions will be crowned in the Open, Women’s and Masters Divisions for the Overall classification and for each of the individual events, except Freestyle and Disc Golf. The first World Overall Championships were held in 1987.