Ladies Lighthouse Classic

Ultimate nieuws

- by Willeke and Inge -

It’s Sunday morning February 3rd when a sports hall in The Hague gradually fills with players from all around the Netherlands. Some of them are already very awake, others still look a bit sleepy and seem to be longing for some coffee or breakfast. But all of them are here with one main purpose : playing the first Ladies Lighthouse Classic Tournament !

Being a hat tournament all 45 players are equally divided as regards strength and clubs over six colourful teams. While yellow and green kick off with the first match of the day, the other girls are teaming up on the sideline. Faces and names are matched, hands are being shaken between those who hadn’t met before and tactics are being discussed.

The first part of the day consists of Round Robin play, where each team plays all other teams. It is good to see how team mates manage to find each other on the field so quickly, especially since a lot of girls have never played together before. That doesn’t stop them to play good offensive tactics, throw overheads, set up a hard defence and fight for each and every point. Due to the comparable strength of the teams, the matches are really exciting and a lot of them end up in (almost) a draw.

What makes it even more exciting are all the spectacular lay-outs. Many girls go all the way for the disc and even the football goal on the sideline has to pay for it. Luckily no one is seriously injured, but surely some girls will walk around with pretty bruises this week. Furthermore it is amazing to see so many young players joining. We’re all looking forward to see more of them at competition and tournaments in the near future !

In between matches the girls on the sideline are integrating, eating candy and painting their nails in their team colour. And while the players are warming up, catching up or running their asses off on the field, our males-of-the-day Jamie and Bram are keeping track of time and scores. After each match the two quickly run onto the field for a little bit of throwing themselves. Nobody blames them, watching Ultimate all day but not being allowed to join the fun must be hard. Sorry guys, girls only ! But thanks for all the help and support.

After Round Robin there are placing games for 5th and 3rd place. And then the finals are being played, while being cheered by parents, team members and impatient soccer players who actually seem to be a bit impressed by our lovely sport. Congratulations to Marjo, Wendy, Isabelle, Jola, Ingeborg, Maaike, Gemma and Floor who win the tournament with Team Green. And also congrats to Jeltsje, Iris, Bettina, Janne, Oline, Bonnie and Willeke who win the Spirit price with Team White.

There was one question that kept being raised in the spirit circle after every single game : why do we not organise comparable events with the Dutch Ultimate ladies more often ? Good question ! So we hope to see more initiatives like this in the near future. We expect to see you all at the national ladies practises and most of all, we are looking forward welcoming you and your amazing Girl Power again next year at LLC 2014 !

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