Announcement Indoor Beach Ultimate

Ultimate nieuws

- by Nan Derosa -

Hello beach lovers, just when you thought winter was almost over, boulder size hail is beating you on the head and it seems there will be no relief. But fear not, we do have relief in store and it’s for a good cause. Do you remember D-CUB from Beach Worlds ? That saucy team that endured unending heat in Venice ? Well, we are back and we have some amazing new additions that are surely going to get us further at Europeans in June. But, we are a young team and so we need some financial help.

Will we ask you for money ? Probably not now, but maybe later. Will we bake you tasty treats and guilt you into paying money for them ? Sure, but that's beside the point. Will we organize an awesome event at The Sand in Amsterdam so you can play Beach Ultimate in the warmth and comfort that you deserve after a long winter ? Most definitely !

At the 28th of February from 19-22h at 20,- per person. So sign up at this link and transfer your cash to the Crunch account. First ones to sign up and pay are in. Depending on the amount of attendees we'll either do one or two fields. Please sign up quickly, because I need to tell The Sand if they can rent out the fields to other beach lovers. See you in a few weeks.

Random info : The Sand no longer rents out the fields on weekends. Weekday prices are more expensive, thus the increased cost. This will be the last ever indoor beach event at The Sand. They are doing away with their sand pits this summer.