WFDF needs your support !

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Dear NFB member, as you might know, the World Flying Disc Federation continues to pursue its application for official recognition by the International Olympic Committee. The application we submitted last year is in the process of being updated as we need to respond to a set of entirely new questions that were introduced into the process effective as of January 1st, 2013. Our renewed application will be submitted early March and hopefully will be considered at the May 2013 IOC Executive Board meeting.

One of the new questions relates to social media and asks for the number of followers on Facebook and Twitter. WFDF has only introduced its Facebook page last July during WUGC2012 and currently has fewer than 1300 "likes" on Facebook and less than 700 followers on Twitter. We think it would help to show a significantly higher amount of interest, when we submit these figures to the IOC. Accordingly we would appreciate it if you would visit immediately WFDF's Facebook and Twitter accounts and ask other social media followers and your friends to also follow WFDF's pages. For reference, these are :


Facebook :!/worldflyingdisc

Twitter :



Thank you. We really appreciate your support. Wish us success.

Robert Rauch ( WFDF President )