WFDF announces Women in Sport Commission

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WFDF has taken a major step towards the further development of the global participation of women in flying disc sports with the creation of its first Women in Sport Commission.  The role of this WiS Commission will be to advise the Board of Directors on the development of policies related to promoting women in sport ; to co-ordinate efforts to increase participation of women in flying disc sports ; to develop ideas and initiatives to promote the role of women in flying disc sports ; to ensure representation of women within WFDF governance structures ; to deliver advocacy on gender issues in flying disc sports ; and to be active in raising awareness about gender equality in their respective domains.

"WFDF is pleased to announce the establishment of its Women in Sport Commission on International Women’s Day 2013. We are highly confident that this commission will greatly contribute to our efforts to increase the global participation of women in flying disc sports,” stated WFDF President Robert Rauch. “WFDF has always tried to promote gender equality with our Women’s and Mixed divisions and we believe we are one of the few international sports federations which has gone so far as to demonstrate this commitment by having our showcase competitive event – the World Games – feature Mixed gender teams.  We nevertheless feel we can do more and we are confident that the experience and perspectives of the eleven women representing five continents who will comprise the initial commission will help us to serve the needs of the flying disc community even better.”

The board has approved the initial members of the Women in Sport Commission as follows : Kate Bergeron (US), Apple Chapman (HKg), Melissa Gangemi (Aus) , Mariel Huicochea (Mex), Elizabeth Houtrow (Kor), Jarna Kalpala (Fin), Melanie McCullough (Pan), Marlise Richter (RSA), Valeska Schacht (Ger), Wendi Tekamp (Can) and Adriana Withers (Can).