XEUCF official report and final standings

Internationaal nieuws

- by EUF president Andrea Furlan -

The xEUCF 2013 took place in Bordeaux from September 26th to 29th. It was a marvelous event with many intensive games on well prepared pitches. We experienced all possible weather conditions, from terribly hot on the first two days, to lighting storms on Saturday and rain on Sunday. When the storm was approaching, the TRG and the organisers applied the WFDF Appendix Rule number B5 which clearly defines how to manage such situations. Unfortunately the highest price had to be paid by the Masters finalists that could not play their final. The TRG intensively discussed the situation, considering all possibilities, but could not find any rescheduling solution, which would not put at risk the safety of the players. Rule B5.4.1.3 had to be applied, thereby assigning the title to the team that won the Round Robin phase.

The EUF congratulates the medals winners !

Open : gold Clapham (UK), silver Freespeed (Sui), bronze Bad Skid (Ger)

Women : gold Iceni (UK), silver U de Cologne (Ger), bronze Lotus (Sui)

Mixed : gold Bear Cavalry (UK), silver Croccali (Ita), bronze UFO Utrecht (Ned)

Masters : gold Zimmer (UK), silver UFO Tampere (Fin), bronze Ultimate Vibration (Fra)

Congratulation also go out to Ka-pow! (UK), Nice Bristols (UK), Cambridge (UK) and Caracals (Ger) that have been elected by their opponents in the respective divisions as those teams that mostly represent the Spirit of the Game values.

A big applause must go to the organisers and volunteers of 33Tours Bordeaux. They put together a really well planned and enjoyable event. You could see the love and enthusiasm they put in offering the best service for the players. They also perfectly managed the evacuation of the area when the storm was coming and showed good nerves when rescheduling all activities. Respect !

The final standings and the Spirit statistics are in http://www.ultimatefederation.eu/club-champs/tournaments-2013/eucf.php?page=games

The game statistics and all the results can be found at http://www.results.ultimatefederation.eu


Enjoy the winter break and get ready for another intensive EUCS season in 2014.